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1. manage your own ipod files (don't let itunes copy everything onto your iPod)

2. as you import shows with no info and labels like ph19930405d1t1, you may need to give them artist properties like Phish and titles.

3. check out 'New Smart Playlist' in the file menu. It's probably one of the best features and you can use that to add specific things to your iPod along with regular playlists.

4. download the Ricky Gervais podcast!

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regarding videos:

i don't know if you oink around, but look for these handy video>ipod conversion programs:

-ImTOO DVD to Ipod Converter 4

-Xilisoft Ipod video converter

also, here's a good bt video ipod site:


and be sure to go to the Itunes music store and download the SNL "Lazy Sunday (aka Chronic-kills of Narnia)" for FREE!

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in the iTunes INFO of your playlists..

eg. Artist, Album, Track#, year, etc...

fill out as much info as you have.. its laborious for some shows.. but it allows you to better manage the files using iTunes..

one of those bouches was mentioning it earlier.. with the ph19951231d201 thing..

it makes for finding a specific song from a specific show

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there's a checkbox in your iPod properties in iTunes that says soemthing like 'automatically synch ipod with itunes'. I'm sure by default it is off.

you can also let iTunes copy the music you add to an organized iTunes folder on your PC (it'll leave the original files too). That's a good idea as well.

Also, go into your preferences and make sure that it converts files ripped from CD to the format that the supported format that you desire.

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