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Whos all coming down to the shindig?

im pumped for the fatties, especially pumped for dougie feaver, its been a friggin coons age since i saw a nice set of just doug. and the GDSS is a nice treat on top.

speaking of treats, theres gonna be a few of these bad boys ... 22647.JPG

and a whole lot of this sour goodness... 1094657302.jpg

oh and of course these cats will be there... band%20colour%20good.JPG

so whos in???

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That was a great night! Dougie playing harmonica with the fatties was a hightlight for me for sure.

Doug also helped break our streak of missing the countdown 3 years in a row.

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the night such a warm and friendly(and maybe just a little shwilly) occasion.

Pepper Jack's loves you all.(except Lazlo)

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such a happy little fellow isn't he

I am beginning to wonder if he is a real person.

:). I think it must be possible that the guy I keep meeting who calls himself Lazlo is just a decoy' date=' and the real Lazlo who posts here is in fact a composite being that is derived from the collective effluent of the board.


The truth, of course, probably lies somewhere in between.

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