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Weebles Wobble...


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...and they DO fall down ;)

Well, I should be knowns as LMD (Last Minute Dave) as once again I found myself on a wirlwind trip to O-Town for another way too short visit to celebrate NYE...

And once again thanks to bouche and Ms. Huxtable who treated my T-Dot folks like Royalty with incredible food and wine to kick start the evening off and then seeing so many faces in such a short time frame, it was more than a little overwhelming...

I know I met some more folks from the board and I apologize if I have to ask for your names again as it was more than a little foggy the next day, even after 12 hours of shut eye to refresh the motor skills which seemed to leave me at 40 Main ;) but again, bouche looked after my ass!!! Though I still think it's all "fuggin' bullshit"! :P

Thanks to all of the O-Town crew and to BNB for a great starter to 2006!

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heheh...I just added a 'that place' censor to the system in respect for 'those guys' privacy ;)

I don't even think I spent anytime in the house since as soon as I got there Velvet suggested I help CoP get in a cab as he was trying to walk 'home' in the freezing friggin cold. I think I proved that it was wrong when I asked him what way direction his hotel was at and he pointed in the compelete opposite direction ;)

The next thing I did was realize how hard it was to get a cab so I worked on one to get me and ms.hux home. I certainly wasn't qualified to walk very far that night. I had some bizarre talk with the cabbie on the way home. I think it had something to do with a car accident he was involved with and possibly racism tied in there.

Which reminds me, I just watched Crash, and it had some very disturbing tones which were used in the best ways possible to make a great friggin movie.

CoP, thanks so much for thinking of Ottawa for NYE and bringing some TO'ers with you for the ride. I sure hope that we'll hear from them again...maybe on here!

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Yep, things are slowly bubbling to the surface from NYE... ;) and thanks bouche for the "That Place Adjustment"...brain-fart on my part...

I'm thinking I have to get in touch with the Punk as he may hold the answer to my "glazed looks" and general weeblin'...how the hell I trust that guy after being his room-mate is beyond me...by now I should damn well know he's not the innocent fella he looks like ;)

Dr. E, I vaguely remeber trying to string some words together but all I can say is that my string was more than a little frayed and sorry Phorbesie for the glazed look...please don't let it skew what twisted opinion you may have of me... :)...Howler, thanks for noticing my "sporty-ass", however, I think it's pretty much disappeared lately and obviously I'm a bit easier to pick up off the floor than Dinghy which you easily proved :P

Though it's still "fuggin' bullshit"!!! ;), eh bouche? Oh, and sorry man, I haven't come across a stray left-handed glove yet... :crazy:

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