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'Eyes Of The World' 06 17 91 East Rutherford, NJ


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cool - that's from the short-lived ABC "In Concert" show. I had it on VHS for years. They also showed "Saint of Circumstance".

I still have the VHS of it,they showed a few other songs too, as well, they also showcased the "Gratefully Dedicated" CD which came out at the time, Lyle Lovet @ Red Rocks [Friend Of The Devil], Indigo Girls [China Doll] & Dwight Yokham [Truckin'] and a few others I believe. I should probally get to transfering to DVD someday I reckon.

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this eyes actually opened the show...first set...kinda cool eh?

06-17-91 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.

1: Eyes> Walking Blues, B. E. Women, Masterpiece, Loose Lucy, Cassidy> Might As Well

2: Saint> Ship Of Fools> Dark Star Jam> Truckin> New Speedway> Uncle John> Jam> Drumz> China Doll> Playin Reprise> Sugar Magnolia E: The Weight

Little Feat opened - "Dark Star" tease before "Masterpiece" - "Dark Star" theme during "Jam" - last first-set "Eyes": 08-13-75 [1083] - last "Dark Star Jam": 06-23-74 [1110]

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Beautiful, thanks Esau. It's funny, after seeing that tune nailed by two different bands over the weekend (including DSO on NYE) it's been in my head for three straight days. A perfect way to start the week.

dang..you went to DSO on NYE!?!?!

you lucky duck

I bet it was awesome :)

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