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right ons, thankya for the headup Mr. M... bookmarked

just popped by Ween's site (as it'd been a while pour moi) and am currently enjoying listening to their rendition of Atlanta Rhythm Section's "Champagne Jam"... worth a listen if you haven't heard it already

Champagne Jam

A few years back we were asked by Bob Odenkirk and David Cross from tv's awesome "Mr. Show" to record a version of Champagne Jam by the Atlanta Rhythm Section. It was to be used in their full length movie "Run Ronny Run" which was based on a skit about a redneck named Ronnie Dobbs from Mr. Show. After a lot of internal bickering with the studio the movie was eventually released straight to video. I saw a rough cut of the film that had a snippet of the song in the background so I'm assuming it made the final cut as well. We cut the track with a bunch of our talented friends from the area at our manager's studio out in Ringoes, NJ. The personnel is as follows: Gene Ween-vocals Dean Ween-Guitar Dave Dreiwitz-bass Sim Cain-drums (Claude Coleman was living in London at this time) Ed Wilson-Guitar Garland Lamb-vocals Glenn McClelland-keyboards and clavinet. Greg Frey produced and engineered the track. While staying pretty loyal to the original version we had a great time with this song and cut the basic tracks pretty much live.

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