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Leo Kottke on the beach is amazing!


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Hola messageboard amigos,

I just returned from a month travelling in Ecuador - such a crazy trip. For the last few days we spent chilling out on a beach called Montanita. here I realized that there is nothing better than chilling out and watching the tide and listening to Leo Kottke. So relaxing. I must have listened to the "Leo Live" album several times. So if you're on a beach, grab some Leo, and chill the fack out.

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sounds awesome. do tell more about the trip! :)

Ah, so much to tell that can't be written down in a messageboard entry. All I can say though is that Ecuador should be given some consideration to anyone who plans to travel through South America. I wouldn't stay as long as I did, but would give about a week or so to it as their are lots of beautiful things to see and do: The Andes, the coast, the culture. Going on a bikeride through the Andes was defenitly a highlight.

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