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i need win media plyr help


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ok, so i just got me some DSL action, and since i don't have cable i thought i'd download me some TV! yey bit torrent.

so I'm all excited when my family guy, south park and entourage episodes are all done at the same time...which to watch first?!

and then.....my media player doesn't seem to work. i can hear everything ok, but no picture. i looked at all the options/settings and can't figure it out. i run win 98 (not SE) and was wondering if someone had a fix for this, or a suggestion on an entirely new program i could use instead.

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...........ouch....fuck! don't make me do that CoP my eyes hurt when they roll that far back! hehehe

ok....soooo...the k lite thing TOTALLY fucked up my windows media player, but got the winamp to work! nooooow.....the sound and video are all choppy, presumably because my computer is creepin up on 6 years old....i'm assuming i need ram or something like that to fix it...can anyone tell me what that is? could i perhaps buy through pricebasher.ca?

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