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if you want to delve more deepy into the platforms of some of the fringe parties, there are 15 minute interviews of party leaders being hosted at http://www.radio4all.net

i found the Christian Heritage Party leader to be very interesting. they basically gave him a full 15 minutes worth of softball questions about his party platform, and the guy managed to wedge his foot squarely in his mouth :)

it started off ok, and surprisingly, their environmental and public health policies are quite progressive...but the moment they got to "promoting the traditional definition of the family" it got a bit hard to take.

scarily, they seem to have a lot of support in rural canada. anyone who thinks that harper is a right wing god squad ideologue owes it to themselves to track tthe CHP's manifesto down :)

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we've officially cast our ballots!

I must say, advanced voting rocks. We just pulled up to the advance poll on the way home, which we found out was a stone's throw away anyways, went in and POOF...done. Ms.Hux was done in about 30 seconds of walking in the door and after the Michel/Michael debate, I was done in another minute or so.

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