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Credit Checks??


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transunion is the better choice for personal credit checks

i pull em on debtors all day long, its 3.50 or something every time, equifax is more for buisnesses. they have limited personal records

funny story, i pulled my own today with equifax, and it said i had like 5 or 6 R9's on there, ive never owned a credit card, they totally had another guy with BAD credit with the same name, my mortgage guy called me huffing and puffing about it. got it all straight now though.

yeah, so use transunion, its cheaper, and better for your personal stuff.


they have a branch in hamilton

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Equifax will do it for free...you just have to call their 1-800 number and request it over the phone. It'll show you exactly what banks and other lenders see about you when they do a credit check on you.


you can also go to their web page and download a form that you fill out & mail in. if you want that info on-line, you pay (like $20 or so).


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