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what does this mean to you?


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Hehehe...haven't heard that in a long time....but yes as above - he threw it.

In the spirit of remembering my roots...while home for the holidays there was a book this I couldn't get my hands on, it sold out but it was basically in Cape Breton and it was called something like the mother tongue probably spelled in slang but anyway from that book here are three "cape breton sayings":


Definition: Pertaining to deep thinking or philosophy

"I doan wanna get fill a soft vehicle or nuttin, but life is priddy good rite now!"


Definition: To annoy someone

"The gaul-a-ya to be bummin money offen me!"


Definition: The entire thing

"I had to lance me boil with a huntin kinife, but I tink I got oliver!"

ahahaha...while I understand that Biffed - it may not have originated in Cape Breton or wasn't strictly used in CB only but it reminded me of my youth or pre-Toronto days. oh and every visit home these great words are used in my presence to remind me where I came from.

hehe...thank you - that is all for today.

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