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Fat Cats 2005-10-29 [Archive.org]


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Fat Cats

The Pepper Jack Cafe



Source:Linkwitz Mod Panasonic capsules > battery box > archos av420. 44.1khz pcm wav > FLAC

Taped & Transfered By:Larry Llama / larry_llama at fastmail.fm

Tracked w/ Soundforge 8 & FLAC'd with Frontend v.1.7.1 by: Greg R.


Tood Gillies - Guitar, Vocals

Chris Gatchene - Guitar, Vocals

Dave Hill - Bass

Josh Williams - Hammond Organ, Harmonica, Vocals

Adam King - Drums

Disc One

d1t01. Burden & Misfortune

d1t02. Hey Man

d1t03. Sunday Morning > The Fat Man Walks Alone > Down Again

d1t04. Speedballs

d1t05. Sweet Lorraina

d1t06. Doobie Break

Disc Two

d2t01. One Way Out* (Iron Man outro)+

d2t02. Frontier

d2t03. Stand Back *

d2t04. Teaspoon > G.I.I.T.H > Teaspoon

d2t05. Rotan


d2t06. You


* Allmans

+Black Sabbath

G.I.I.T.H = Groove Is In The Heart

>>>Fat Cats 2005-10-29<<<


Heres some jewel case art for it also for those interested. I used the poster image for the front, slightly edited with photoshop to show just the show info.

The rest was just from picture files I had on my computer, again, created with photoshop.







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Thanks, Esau. I'll give this a listen once I get through a bunch of other stuff I have to listen to...

Thanks also for the CD covers. I've seen people actually upload JPEG files for CD covers onto archive.org with the show itself; they end up being "other files" that can be downloaded.



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Once again I realize why I need a bigger hard drive! Soon, I hope.

Thanks for getting this out there Greg. I hope that you can make it to the Kitchener show on Sat. Jan. 28, as Tungsten is going to try out some new recording gear while the Fatties play. No promises from him, as it's a bit of an "experiment", but he's had some pretty good success with previous recording experiments. ;):)

Peace, Mark

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That's sweet Greg! Thanks for posting that one. I have a bunch of shows from last year I should get to you so we can put them up on Archive. It still says that the show is unavailable? Any thoughts?

Sure Josh, I'm up for it. Let me know.

As for the show, its all good at my end, as well the admin on archice say its up & working. Not sure what to tell you guys. Delete some cookies maybe?

Most of thanks should be directed towards Larry llama, kookycanooky & The Good Rev for recording, & getting the show to me to track & upload.

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Oh, it turned out great (for the most part)! It was my first matrix recording and I screwed a couple things up here and there but I was surprised to find out that I actually seemed to have successfully captured the entire show. Now I'm working on understanding the software to mix the tracks and then I'll track it and flac it and see about putting it up somewhere. Will archive.org setup a new 'band' even when they've only played two shows and may or may not play more?

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Sure; in fact, there are a few bands that have only one or two shows up.

But is it a different band? If it was "Fat Cats, Acoustic", then just upload it as a Fat Cats show. (You could also check with the Cats to see what they want.)

As far as setting up a new band, the main snag is that the authorization to do so has to come from the band (i.e., one of its members, or a representative like a manager or something).



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