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Folk Alarm & Special Folk @ Hugh's Room


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For those of you interested, this one's going to be fuggin' amazing and that's all I can say ;)



Guitarist extraordinaire Kevin Breit is 2005's

recipient of the Toronto Musicians Assn's

Musician Of The Year Award. He has recorded

with many artists such as Norah Jones,

Rosanne Cash, Holly Cole, KD Lang, Molly

Johnson. Collectively these recordings have

garnered 13 Grammy awards. His Duo

recordings include fellow string player Harry

Manx, multi-percussionist Cyro Baptista and

Russ Boswell in a heavily syndicated

Jazz Duos special, seen regularly on

TVO, Bravo and BET.

Pressed to describe his band - Jorn

Andersen on drums and Russell Boswell

on bass - Breit offers such ideas as "a

big bang collision of folk styles" and,

referring to the great jazz sax player,

as "Albert Ayler goes to the circus."

In fact, he will bring jazz sax man

Perry White to the gig, as well as

Dennis Keldie, the remarkable

accordion player.

Opening set: Romney Getty

$12 advance / $14


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I've been listening to some recent Folk Alarm stuff that the CoP gave me and I am seriously PISSED tha this is happening in TO next thursday! I cannot possibly go without bailing on a $2000 course that I'm taking next week.

I sure hope some of our friendly music fans here go check this out.

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