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installing dvd burners correctly (revised content), yar


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ok, i've taken a step backwards. when i was trying to burn using nero i got a message "no seek complete" which in turn, i googled. turns out there are a few issues linked to this problem. i've ruled out old firmware, as the unit and firmware are new. i've ruled out 'dust on the lens' for the same reason, and i don't believe i need a different type of connector (IDE 40-pin, this is the wide plasticky ribbon wire, right?) because it came with one of these.

however, i think the connection is my problem. i didn't use the IDE cable that came with the burner, rather i installed it as a secondary (slave) drive because the IDE and power cables were hanging there off my existing cd burner, begging to be used (i even moved the little tab on the back of the new burner, which it instructs you to do so when installing as a slave). i am guessing its a nero issue, and the dvd burner should be installed as a primary drive. if you think this will solve my problem, raise your hand.

ok then, i need to reconfigure. i have 3 IDE ports, all in use. C:/harddrive, A:/uselessfloppy, and D:/cd-rw. how should i hook this new badboy in?, and should i definitely 100% use the cable that came with? then, which two drives do i double up, or do i just scrap the A:/uselessfloppy and so on...

any suggestions would be helpful. i may just tear into 'er now, but let me know if i'm doing damage. soon :)

thanks again!

~old text follows~

i'm looking to become a pirate. i've armed myself with a new dvd burner, but am unsure how to start my plundering of video entertainment. anybody got tips or advice on which (free) softwares to try out?

thanks in advance, yar.

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currently, i have both burners connected to the same IDE. i think the problem (nero related) could be that the dvd burner is running as the secondary drive. at least, that matches someone else's problem on the internet who got the same error message, "no seek complete"

perhaps, i can just swap the two burners as master and slave... here goes! if this doesn't work, i'll scrap the a:/ drive.

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Does the 40 pin IDE connector have 80 small wires or 40 thicker ones? There's a considerable speed/stability advantage(UDMA3 and up speeds for geekspeak)with the 80 pin - it's really only 40 extra ground return lines but they are spaced between the data tracks and prevent crosstalk...maybe? Check the one going to the hard drive too - they are only a few bucks to buy.

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