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Best Cover Ever


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Good Ol' Mitch Buchanan......You can't top that!!!

im a nerd...please explain that.

do folks honestly think this is still getting the 'Hoff laid, or what? I mean sex should be fun, yeah, but not funny...and toss-ones-cookies kinda funny at that!

ps: Livingstoned: have you had that stern talking-to to your dinner, yet? Just a friendly reminder!

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oh, whew...I thought it might be more serious than my simply being a Bay Watch virgin!!!!

c'mon now guigs...you're scaring me.....to you he's an Adonis?

anyone else remember the South Park "Mr. Garrison-gets-a-nose-job" episode where he turns into Hasselhoff when the bandages come off????....I think that played on the same myth that may be making you whimper at night, guigs. Seriously, unless he's doing broads with no access to TV, I think his pecker is pretty lonely! I had to have a barf bucket nearby and on-going encouragement and hand-holding by Dave to watch the whole Hooked on a Feeling video disaster!!!

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