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LSD inventor celebrates 100th birthday in good health, still promoting drug


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"I had wonderful visions," Albert Hofmann said, recalling his first accidental consumption of the drug.

"I sat down at home on the divan and started to dream," he told the Swiss television network SF DRS. "What I was thinking appeared in colours and in pictures. It lasted for a couple of hours and then it disappeared."

...full story http://healthandfitness.sympatico.msn.ca/News/ContentPosting.aspx?contentid=4446d3cb72504fdbaf716eadea4ba824&show=True&number=6&showbyline=False&subtitle=&detect=&abc=abc

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What a dull unawakened world it would be withiout Albert Hoffman's discovery. I owe this man a debt for the non-stop good times I've had since first partaking in his little discovery.

...keep going for the next 100!

...Imagine he didn't dicover it, very possibly no Grateful Dead...unthinkable and scary.

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