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Anything happening in Tdot Saturday eve?

Large Marge

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Here's a list of indie-rock shows

from www.stillepost.ca...


NUMUS presents MoEns (from the Czech Republic) @ The Music Gallery, $5-$25, AA

WE ARE SCIENTISTS, Oxford Collapse, the Diableros @ Horseshoe, $12

The Secret Handshake (cd release), Doc Pickles, Pinko Kronkite @ the Bagel $TBA cheap

Stanley, The Hoa Hoa's, THE LONDON APARTMENTS, China Jean @ Lee's Palace, $5

code name laurentians, dj's jes, jonathan, pam @ sneaky dee's, $5

CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN w/ Silent Seymour, Form One, and Clementine @ RANCHO RELAXO, $5

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WE ARE SCIENTISTS' date=' Oxford Collapse, the Diableros @ Horseshoe, $12


Ottawa XPress had an article about The Diableros last week:




Much the same there was an article about WE ARE SCIENTISTS in one of the papers today - I will look for it again.

Oh and if that is the attire for the evening I am inviting myself along with you and your friend.

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