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tickets to Feist/Peter Elkas next Thursday


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hey Randy...welcome to the board!

nice way to introduce yerself buddy...comin' out snivelling for a BIG fav....dontcha think you oughta kiss a few asses first?

now exactly what gov't department hired 3 friggin' hippies, anyway? Hey, if you, Mike and Ollie can steal me a lifetime supply of post-it notes, staplers, and pens, I'll see what I can do about those tickets.

disclaimer: some of the words above should most likely have been in purple. Y'all can choose your own preference! (I LIKE this game!)

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Yeah, yeah, I know it's a BIG favour, but it was my last resort. Normally I wouldn't be this needy, but I procrastinated way too long and now I'm stuck.

Anyway, I don't know about a lifetime supply, as I'm sure at some point Transport Canada will realise that hiring three hippies was a big mistake and at least one of us will get canned, but if it gets me into the show, I'm willing to take a chance!

P.S. Hi Deb... Krissi and I were with Mike and Sharon when they picked up Abbie at your place in Osgood.

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sorry, would love to help but this show is just insane. capital's owners are friends with feist's manager / agents and they've taken over the entire staff guest list. doesn't look like anyone will be on the list.

if things change i'll let you know though.


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Hey Randy,

Just saw this post. Did you find tickets? The show was killer.... Leslie Feist is abso-freakin-lutely amazing. We only had a few spots on the guestlist and they were filled by family. Never hurts to ask though.

Peter and I will be back in town on the 7th for some kind of CBC live taping show... I'll post the info when I know more.


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Sorry dudes that you couldn't score any. At last minute I got a call saying I had 5 spots on the list and immediately I had them filled.

It's hard to plan for the unexpected.

Show was decent though, lots of new tunes. Capital when full is not that fun. Hard to get to the bar.

Missed Elkas due to the Sens game, but really enjoyed Paso Mino.


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