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Lennon,Jagger,Mitchel,Richards & Clapton

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holy shit. how have I never heard of this before? Is there any more to this or was that all?

You may want to pick up the DVD. It's got loads of bonus features. The Who's performance made the Stones shelve the film for almost 30 years. It's The Who's best one-off performance ever:


Here's the CD listing:

The original CD featured:

1. Mick Jagger's Introduction of Rock & Roll Circus - Mick Jagger

2. Entry of the Gladiators - The Rolling Stones

3. Mick Jagger's Introduction to Jethro Tull - Mick Jagger

4. Song for Jeffrey - Jethro Tull

5. Keith Richard's Introduction of the Who - Keith Richards

6. Quick One, While He's Away - The Who

7. Over the Waves - The Rolling Stones

8. Ain't That a Lot of Love - Taj Mahal

9. Charlie Watts' Introduction of Marianne Faithfull - Charlie Watts

10. Something Better - Marianne Faithfull

11. Mick Jagger's and John Lennon's Introduction of the Dirty Mac - Mick Jagger

12. Yer Blues - Dirty Mac

13. Whole Lotta Yoko - Dirty Mac

14. John Lennon's Introduction of the Rolling Stones/Jumpin' Jack Flash - John Lennon

15. Parachute Woman - The Rolling Stones

16. No Expectations - The Rolling Stones

17. You Can't Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones

18. Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones

19. Salt of the Earth - The Rolling Stones

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Cool, I didn't know this footage was out on DVD. Interesting sidenote; if I remember correctly, this was filmed during the (extremely) short time that Tony Iommi was playing guitar for Jethro Tull. He had left Sabbath briefly because Tull was a better gig; he rejoined to record the first Sabbath record.

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