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Today is one of the best days of my life!


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I just got an e-mail about an hour ago, stating that I have been ACCEPTED to the University of Amsterdam to pursue my combined MA/PhD in Media Studies Research/Cultural Analysis!

I'm moving to the 'Dam in August for the six year program, so the door is always open for visits. I'm euphoric. I just had to tell. I'm so happy...


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Torture is a worldwide, man-made epidemic. Human rights organizations report that over 120 countries in the world today routinely use torture to control their citizens. Among the refugees from these countries in the Bay Area, it is estimated that 5 to 35% of them have been tortured, and up to 90% have witnessed torture or seen its effect upon others. Cambodian, Iraqi and Bosnian refugees report even higher torture statistics.


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You're awesome Shain... I knew this would happen for you :) (though I wasn't even aware of the PhD part!!!)

I've got a Toronto/Amsterdam cycle advocacy project in the works and am hoping to get over there at some point to study and document the awesome cyclist amenities over there... perhaps you've got my heady academic crash-pad?

Congratulations to you Shain; I know you've worked very hard toward this and it is very well deserved.



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Thanks Everyone.

A pure dream come true, something that I have been working towards for a long time. I'll still be writing for Relix and the like, but probably not as much b/c I'll be rammed with school work.

I do want to extend a complete open welcome to anyone who wants to check out the culture and life that Amsterdam has to offer for a few days. Places in the Dam are generally quite small, so expect an air mattress on the floor, but always welcome. Just give me some advanced notice so I can purchase some reinforcements. ;)

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