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Richards on Richards to be Replaced by Condos


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Catching up with Richard's

By john lucas

Publish Date: 26-Jan-2006

Last week, this column reported that Richard’s on Richards is under new proprietorship. This week, we caught up with the club’s new owner, Vince Alvaro, to discuss his plans for the long-running night spot at 1036 Richards Street. Alvaro confirmed rumours that the building that houses Richard’s—which is owned by Chandler Realty—is slated to be torn down and replaced by high-rise condominiums. “It will be at least a year [more] that Richard’s will be operating,†he told the Straight. “And the new owners of the property will be developing that whole half-block that’s not yet developed. But they are looking at about a year and a half before they do anything.â€

Alvaro is applying to move the club’s liquor licence to a new location. He didn’t provide the address, but he did confirm that it’s in downtown Vancouver. “We’re in the process now of going through some city approvals and doing a structural analysis of the new building to see if it’s going to be the one we use, but right now it looks good,†he said.

Given all the bureaucratic hoop-jumping required to operate a cabaret in this city, Alvaro is anticipating a lengthy wait. “It’s a whole-year process to get the licence relocated,†he said. “It’s about three different processes with departments at City Hall that we have to go through. And then once we get all the approvals and it goes to city council, then we apply for the building permit, which takes another two months. And then once that’s approved, we can actually start the work, which will take about four months.â€

In the meantime, things at Richard’s on Richards will continue without many major changes. Live music will dominate the schedule, but Alvaro promises the return of a weekly dance night in April. With its demolition pending, Richard’s is not due for any major upgrades, but Alvaro noted that he’s not about to let the place fall apart before its time. “We’re doing a few changes inside,†he said. “We’re painting it. We’ve put in some new lighting, we’re going to add a bit more. Just to give it a little bit of a change.â€


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