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Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart.... (Peterborough)


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"Sorry for being drunken assholes. We have learned our lesson and will never kidnap muppets again. Signed, The Muppet Theives."

This was written on a hand made card with a cute little flower picture on the front that we (Slammin Jack) received along with a bag containing our stuffed Kermit and our vintage Animal puppet muppet, the next morning after playing Peterborough the night before. It was after the show that Gretchen (our lovely merch person for the week) came to the stage practically in tears because someone stole our Muppets. I guess the colprate felt pretty guilty the next morning and was actully in tears when she returned them to Heathore to give to us the next morning.

The funniest part to me is that apparentely "Big Friendly", that night chased the people he thought stole the Muppets after the show. Imagine turning around, not knowing him, and Friendly is running after you screaming "where's our Muppets!!!" Luckily they got away.

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