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Flu's gold: Buying into pandemic fear


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Very interesting show on CBC's Marketplace tonight.

" Marketplace investigates illegal sales of a coveted antiviral drug. Tamiflu has been touted as a miracle, should influenza pandemic strike. Trouble is, it’s growing hard to get hold of through legal channels. We take a journey to show who’s been cashing in on our flu fears."


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i question wether you dont take pain medications because you dont have pain, or you suffer through it? i realize there are MANY ways to deal with pain, but medications is in my opinion are definetly a valid option.

i'm not a fan of drug companies yet they do produce products which many people benefit from. i see this every day.

in an ideal world, no animals or people would be hurt when achieving this end goal, and the medication would be accessible to everyone. these are ideals that WE should strive for.

As for the worstpill website, nothing comes for free. every medication has side effects, just like anything you eat or do to your body can have effects. its a matter of cost-benefit. if someone is informed of all the risks and benefits of taking something then should it not be their choice? if a drug increases their risk of a stroke yet improves their daily quality of life, should it not be up to the person to decide what matters most to them?

sorry for the rant but i dont think the path to health lies in the exclusion of western medicine but in the incorporation of ALL forms of healing to better understand mind-spirit-body connections and pathology.

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