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lost and found items from the lanc.


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ricky neu from diesel dog here. i lost my conga only to find it was still at the lanc. i went there to pick it up last night and took everything that was left over there.

2 tambourines red.( but i think i know who's those are)

1 grey hat

1 head warmer ? orange, brown, grey in colour

1 plad shirt red in color. b.u.m.

1 key board stand

and when i picked up our lost speaker at sherwood there was a mic stand there that also got mixed in with sherwood equipment. contact me if anything is yours and want it back.

oh ya.

1 yellow curtain. at least thats' what it looks like. it had duct tape on it. what the hell was that all about?


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the key board stand i black. forget the name of it at the moment. something lock. maybe quick lock? dono.

as for the mic stand. i left it at sherwood. if i get off work in time i will stop there and pick it up.

if you're trashing the curtain i just might be able to do something with it. my place is filled with colors like that.


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You're right, they may throw knives from the kitchen

By the way if you check this Ricky, here's something YOU lost:

Singin' The Blues Lyrics

by Mary McCreary

I've been working so hard,

Just came home from my job.

Looked down in my wallet,

Good God, I've been robbed.

Now where can my money be,

All my hard-earned pay?

What am I going to do now?

I got my bills to pay.

You got me singin' the blues,

And I'm paying all my dues.

You got me singin' the blues,

Ain't got nothing to lose.

I got to tell you I got the blues down in my pockets.

People, what did I say?

Bills are gonna rob me tomorrow,

Why I need my ten dollars today.


Ain't no way to get even

Because, you know what I mean,

Every time I make me some money

Somebody's going to take it from me.



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