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moe. tonight...


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anyone going to this show tonight?


Michigan Theater

603 East Liberty

Ann Arbor, MI

all ages.. doors at 7.30 pm..

think there's still tix available at tickemaster..

i'm super excited.. from most accounts i've heard great things of moe. recently and i haven't seen them for awhile. yah yah yah! :)

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I'm heading to this with my wife and maybe another friend. moe. will certainly blow you away in this nice little theatre. Make sure you're on time because they will come on at 7:30 sharp. Have fun!

you don't got no friends mofo

seriously have fun but that theatre sucks...can't drink in the venue, have to be a "member" to buy beer...

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Set I: Stranger Than Fiction, Understand, Akimbo, Lost Along the Way, Kyle's Song> Californ IA> Bearsong

Set II: Brent Black> Time Ed1, Not Coming Down> Wormwood> Paranoid Android> Seat Of My Pants> Recreational Chemistry

Encore: Time Ed2> Brent Black

1 Dyslexic version, ending only

2 begining and middle sections

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chewie it did suck.. i spent so much time downing newcastle after spending the 5 bucks to become a 'member'. the 5 bucks wasn't overly bad considering beers were only 3 dollars.. one of the co2 tanks collapsed on a keg which led to my missing the end of the first set. i guess it wasn't overly bad, i did make friends in line. the place was heavily policed, i was told four times no drinks in the theatre. :thumbdown:

i could think of a trillion better venues for them to play at in detroit and the greater detroit area. ahh well. still managed an awesome night.

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