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Esso turns record profits


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it's really hard to be a car owner these days. i remember hearing an interview with Utah Phillips where he said that he gave up his car after the first Gulf War, stating that he couldn't bring himself to own something that "ran on blood."

it seems like all of the oil oompanies are doing unbearably nasty things in the course of daily business.

from what i've gathered over the last few years...

Esso/Exxon-Mobil: ignoring Kyoto, generally making obscene profits and not giving much thought to life after oil.

Royal Dutch Shell: running roughshod over indigenous people, most notably in Nigeria. when Ken Saro-Wiwa, writer and native Ogoni activist, spoke out about Shell's decimation of his people, he was killed. not like shell bragged about it or anything, but Ken's family has publicized ample links between shell and mr saro-wiwa's death. shell is at it again in Nigeria, puling the same crap on another indigenous tribe.

Petro-Canada: started as canada's national oil company, and meant to be a block to unfair price gouging, pc seems to be the first on the block to crank prices up at the first whiff of instability in the world oil market. add to that dealings with a number of unsavoury governments in order to keep the oil flowing...

wheni buy gas, i try to find independent stations, but even then, they are buying their gas from a wholesaler, and it's likely come from one of the above companies. the only national company that doesn't seem to be truly evil is Sunoco. as a big american-based oil company, the likely truth is that they just haven't been caught yet :) and canada's suncor (oil sands recovery) is part of the sunoco group. suncor's claim to fame is polluting one barrel of water for every barrel of oil they extract from the tar sands. suncor is currently in negotiations to buy a conono/phillips refinery in denver, among others.


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We can only hope ethanol takes off. It's still a comustion process, thus relesing all the evil into the air, but at leat we will be burning a renewable resource. My room mate uses it in his truck and has been very happy so far. Problem of course is that it's still hard to find.

There's talks of an ethanol plant being built in Barrie and maybe a couple other ones. I sure hope thay shake up the oil companies. Like I said earlier though, it's cash grab time for them.

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hmm.. there's a lot of talk about a second ethanol plant in chatham too. maybe chatham and barrie are competing.

i dunno... who is to say the word "oil" won't be replaced with "ethanol" in a future thread down the road? alternatives are great as alternatives.. until they're no longer an alternative, but the source.

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we definatley have to reduce our "combustion" reliance but until suitable alternatives are developed ethanol looks like it will be an attractive alternative. I'm not so sure those cities will be competing to get an ethanlol plant. I say it there will likely be a few more ethanol plants going up.

The city of Toronto is planning on building something like a 540mW gas co-gen gas plant. These plants can be put into operation about 1 year after they are started. It will be a quick fix to a big problem of the so called looming energy crisis.

Natural gas supplies, some predict, will only give us another 20 years (yes only 20 years) of energy production. 20 years is also about the max time frame a plant of this scope should last before major repairs would need to be done or scrapped. So this plant should last about as long as our natural gas supplies go.

Gas and Oil companies know this and will grab as much of the remaining revenues there are to be had.

Nuclear Energy seems to be the only alternative right now that can produce the massive energy consumption we now use.

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