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Diesel Dog FUNdraiser Download


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I like looking forward to it, better than I like the taste.

Band/Artist: Diesel Dog

Date: January 28th, 2006

Venue: The Lancaster Tavern

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Source: Soundboard

Lineage: Sbd>Nomad JB3>CD Wav

Uploaded by: icon

[color:green]Thanks icon!!

Will It Go Round In Circles

Meat Roll

Viola Lee Blues

Go Go


Come to Far

Space Wrangler

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Can't wait to hear \/\/i!!y's matrix mixes of the downstairs! Something like 4 onstage mics + SBD + 1 mic planted out in the audience... I'm thinking that's going to sound real sweet! Hvae you listened to any of that yet, \/\/?

I'm also looking forward to hearing all of Ike's straight SBD recordings... which I think is what the above Dd show is from.

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Yeah that was me.

I was still waiting for it to go through the uploading process, didn't even know it was available for download yet.

Man you guys were on to it even before I was, and I uploaded it.

I do have the whole night from downstairs, I'm gonna get copies to the other 3 bands and let them get it out there if they want. Tonin has already contacted me about the Harvard Mouse set. If any of the other bands can get in touch with me I'll send you a copy in the mail.

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The name of the band is Superfly! Glad you liked them, Baj. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of them around from now on. I'm working on getting them some gigs.

Ike, could you please send to me the copy of Superfly and I will take it from there. I have a package of Diesel I'll be sending to you too. The 12/16 PJC is super!

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So who has the Fat Cats and WTTS sets? Both bands are part of the Live Music Archive, so uploading them (without or prior to getting copies to the bands) should be cool.



tungsten did the ol' 16-track digital recording of the upstairs bands... I suppose there MIGHT be something special in the works for those performances.

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The soundboard feed that Doug hooked me up with was pre-mix and unfortunately sounded like crap. Basically there's just a little guitar and tonnes of drums to be heard. The mics worked out well. The stage mics picked up a really nice sound coming off the stage and the room mic filled in the depth nicely. I'm working to get ahold of Ike's SBD version (Mike has one too) and using that to make a sweet matrix.

There's no way it's going to compare to the insanity that Eric was crafting upstairs. I think someone said he was pulling a 24-track high-definition recording of the whole mess. That soundsystem was un-fucking-believable.

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Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, what I will probably do is mix both the soundboard recordings (pre-mix and room-mix) with the 4 different mic sources and make one hell of a matrix.

Superfly were the 'surprise' of the night. They were excellent and the recording proves it. Finally a jazz band in Canada. They had a sort of Soulive/MMW feel to them. Absolutely stellar.

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backbacon Said:

"I have a package of Diesel I'll be sending to you too. The 12/16 PJC is super!"

I would love to hear that show - i remember as one of the best sets we ever played...

Werewolves of London and Traveling light as well as the best Animator i've ever heard were from the 12/16 night. bacon, if you need high speed for uploading look me up when you're in town, its all yours.

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