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Sports bars in Ottawa?

Freak By Night

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Hey Ottawa sports fans... anyone know of any bars in Ottawa that will be showing the Leafs/Sabres game tonight? Preferably in the market, centretown, or glebe areas.

My brother, from T.O. has rolled into town for a visit and wants to see that game. Of course there's a Sens/Bruins game at the same time. Most places in Ottawa will have that game showing, but if anyone knows of a place that will have the other game on too, let me know. Thanks very much!

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Just to let you know: I've only been there once (I think it was me, Booche, Douglas, Davey Boy, and CatPhish looking for a place to stay dry in during a bluesfest rainstorm), but the place is really nice: it's big, with a flock of big TVs all around the room. There are pool tables, and it's decked out in a "clean" fashion (as opposed to "crazy crap on the walls"). The menu's pretty decent (ISTR people liking the wings), and there was a good selection of beers on tap. The general consensus (esp. from Booche and Davey Boy) was that the place warranted more of their/our patronage.



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Hey Brad. We did not go after all, because MacLaren's is not "kid friendly".

My brother called the place in the afternoon and asked if they would have the Leafs game on, the manager said yes, the Leafs game would be shown, but implied that it would relegated to a small TV in the corner, and that any Leafs fans would be shunned by the staff! (rightly so in my opinion!)

My brother wanted to bring his two boys (age 7 and 11) but the dude said although kids are allowed, it's not recommended.

Thanks anyway for your assistance in this matter.

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