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New house (full of freaks) advice

Dwarf Bunny

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So, I got into my friend's doses a week ago, and this morning woke up in a new house. It is full of freaks, and I was looking for some advice.

Should I chew all their stuff? Would they like that? Also, they keep trying to feed me carrots - what the hell? Like they only watch cartoons or something.



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I suspect you will find that your new home is already infested by at least one mouse; and others may drop by. Do not try to befriend them. They are genetically modified mutants.

I suspect these genetically modified mutants have allready fallin' madly in love with you DB. ;)

I wouldn't venture too far into the city though...snottawas a tough & tightly wound place to find love man. :P

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DB, if they try to put you in a cage or other enclosure, make sure to get it checked out by a certified bunny enclosure inspector*. There are some people who put bunnies in any old thing, even stuff found on the side of the road.



* That is, an inspector of bunny enclosures who also happens to be a bunny.

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