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Happy, Happy St Patty's DAY!


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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

I'm half in the bag right now after the last five hours of drinking at some of Chatham's finest. A quarter Irish I am, with some thick, thick blood running through my veins.. the Wilde kind.

Hope everyone has an awesome, safe day.. I am about to pass out for a brief nap before heading out to Hamilton for the Fatties.



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Happy Paddy to ya!

I count only half-Irish (+ half Welsh-ish), but stick to the Irish on days like this :).

Here's the old Scully digs:


(Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary)

At least, that's where a bunch of us are buried. One big thread went north, became Protestants, and then moved to Toronto at the turn of the century. Not terribly Republican, I'll confess :blush:.

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I have a fair amount of Scot* in my background (and no Irish that I know of), and I'll give the Irish at least one complement: they hate the English more than the Scots. :)

And I think I may have actually been in that pub in Osaka, Tooly.



* And Scotch...

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I saw a girl puke green suds all over her and her boyfriend on the outbound ramp at Grand Central Station last night.

It was more frothy than any true color, but there was certainly a strong green hue.

St Pattys for me was epic:

Noon: Train into NYC

1pm: First pint at standard Irish pub

3pm: First double SoCo at Tonic

6pm: Unidentified street meat on Broadway

7pm: NY Knicks at MSG

10pm: Stereolab at Town Hall

12pm: Back to the pub we started at 11 hours earlier

2am: Witness frothy green puke, and start the horror/humor filled train ride back to White Plains (one full hour of complete and utter chaos on the train as you might imagine at that time on that day)

Good times!


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