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how to argue and win, by bill graham


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I hadn't seen this yet - thanks! And not only is it funny, but remarkably true (which is a little disconcerting).

I followed the links a little further, and found this blog from Justin about the times the Who and the Dead crossed paths. I like this little bit -

One time when both bands were at the Navaro Hotel in New York, Jerry Garcia heard what sounded like a bird thumping on his window. Minutes later the sound was more like a knocking which wouldn’t be strange if he had not been on the tenth floor.

Pulling open his curtains Garcia found Keith Moon peering at him from the small ledge outside. Amazed, Jerry invited Keith into his room and Moon explained that since he had climbed out the window of his room he couldn’t get back in because it was dead bolted. Without another word Keith started tearing through the wall in Jerry’s closet until he had dug himself a hole big enough to crawl through. Mission accomplished, Moon and Garcia went out for a night on the town where Keith got away with things, such as biting pretty girls’ asses, that would get Jerry slapped if he tried.



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