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Stereolab v. BSS; 3.17.2006- Discuss

Northern Wish

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Excuse any song titles that are not correct.

3-17-06 - NYC @ The Town Hall

1. Come And Play In The Milky Night

2. Eye Of The Volcano

3. Vonal Declosion

4. Visionary Road Maps

5. Need To Be

6. Interlock

7. Pack Yr Romantic Mind

8. Excursions Into "oh, a-oh"

9. I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet)

10. Mountain

11. Miss Modular

12. Whisper Pitch

13. "...Sudden Stars"

14. I Was A Sunny Rainphase

15. Vodiak

16. Cybele's Reverie

encore 1

17. You Used To Call Me Sadness

18. We're Not Adult Oriented

Caught my head being blown off last night, as the alcohol from a full day in NYC on St Pattys day started to catch up with me just a little, not to mention the rush of seeing the Knicks actually win a basketball game. Having the opportunity to stand and sway to a band and not have any distractions at all like glowsticks, heady friends, or bathroom breaks- really let things sink it. All the while this was happening I couldn't help but start to examine in my mind the existence of bands like Lab in the face of the "new wave of indie rock" ala Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene.

Stereolab as a collective (7 in all last night) played no less than 40 instruments ranging from Clav, to French horn to the good ol bass. They played with conviction, with passion and with energy. They stomped from one mad grooveto the next complemented by soundscapes, noises, rhythym and FUN.

So why doesn't the media or music people talk about these guys or other bands of thier ilk, when it would seem on the surface at least that all of this "new rock" has all been done before.

It would seem that the only thing that they didn't do last night was appeal to the newbie hipster, as the crowd was the strangest I have ever witnessed (it was NYC after all). I don't even know where to start with an answer, as I am not even a hipster- just someone peering through the fence every once in a while so I appeal to your musical knowledge:

Does anyone know why there are bands that toil for years writing and rewriting the rules of music until they find their niche; only to have that thunder stolen by someone 10 years younger?

It just all seemed so amazing, digestable and fresh- that I was surprised to be so surprised- as I should be more aware of bands like this (a little bit of justice there I bet eh EW/AD?).....

Anyways, thanks for reading my rant. No response is neccesary but think about the next time someone tells you the Arctic Monkeys are the best band on the planet- they have a doppelganger out there somewhere that have 7 albums and 4 7" singles out, you just haven't heard them yet.


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Props for AD
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Stereolab were in the indie spotlight for a long time, I think.. I guess they've sorta been pushed to the side. And one of the two main people in the band was killed while riding his or her bike a year or two ago. I haven't heard any of their stuff since that happened. But yeah, I hear ya, they are excellent! :)

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