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The Old Soul & Lederhosen Lucil - Thurs. in Kingston


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Elixir Nightclub (14 Garrett Street) and Rock Crew Productions present:


Special guest Mississippi Grover

Thursday, March 23

Adv. tickets $8 at Zap Records, Brian's Record Option, Destinations, Chumleighs, Renaissance Music, Elixir and www.rockcrew.ca

Inside Luca Maoloni's brain exists a planetary system unlike any other. Where non-sensical ideas form and out of his mouth an fingers floats beautiful melodies reminiscent of a time where fun and a care free style of music making were key to creating intelligent, unpretentious albums.

Once the planets were aligned, a big bang occurred and The Old Soul was born. This wasn't an ordinary bang and The Old Soul isn't an ordinary band, they are an experience! An orchestral explosion of horns, drums, saxophones, vibraphones and accordions. Drawing from their pop, calypso, folk and rock influences. The Old Soul taps into the synapses of you brain stimulating parts of your body with their non-linear brand of music making, taking you through waves of emotion leaving you pleasantly exhausted and overwhelmed.

They know the comparisons exist, they are not blind to what came before them. The Old Soul know that place in your memory where the happiest moment occurred, with each melody and harmony they bring it out over and over again with reckless abandon. The Old Soul experience uncrosses your arms, moves your feet and unleashes the gospel...People dance!!! Along with Matt McLaren, Nick Taylor, Jay Anderson, Andrew Zalameda, Juri Biondic, Luca has invited many a friend to join in and add to The Old Soul live experience. After a decade in various bands The Old Soul has come together and recently signed a licensing deal with Universal Music through Maoloni's Hand of God Records. The Old Soul come from the Hand of God, to Maoloni's lips, to your ears. Don't disappoint the Lord.

Montreal resident Krista Muir, through her mischievous alter ego Lederhosen Lucil, has done much to support the notion that one can be pretty weird and still make really phenomenal pop music. Her stage persona –– a German-accented mutant complete with blonde braids, a taste for dried apricots, and a growing wardrobe of faux-hosen –– has captured the imagination of audiences world-wide with a lightning-fast wit. Her 2nd full-length album Tales From The Pantry ranked high on Canadian indie charts and became one of Earshot’s Top 50 albums of 2003. Since the release of her “Apricota†single in November 2004, Lederhosen Lucil spent much of 2005 touring Australia, New Zealand, Texas, and throughout Europe –– often with friend DJ Kid Koala. Krista is currently working with Montreal graphic designer Todd Stewart and photographer Jocelyn Michel on a Lederhosen Lucil art book entitled “The Joy of Hosen: Lederhosen Lucil Up Close und Pictorialâ€, to be released in March 2006. She is also busy working on developing a bilingual television series with filmmaker Kara Blake as well as recording a brand new musical project. This new project ––Lucille –– will hit the road as part of the Lederhosen Lucil book tour in March 2006.

Join Lederhosen Lucil at A Novel Idea (156 Princess Street) from 5 - 7 PM on March 23 for her book signing event!







- "The Hootenanny Revue" featuring: Carolyn Mark, Jenny Whiteley, Oh Susanna, Shuyler Jansen, Luther Wright, and Hank & Lily with guests Tolan McNeil, Dan Whiteley, Cam Giroux and Diona Davies (of Po' Girl) - March 30 at Elixir

- Matthew Good solo acoustic w/ Melissa McClelland - Apr 2 at Elixir

- Josh Ritter w/ Valery Gore - Apr 6 at Elixir

- The Mahones w/ Ken Tizzard - Apr 13 at Elixir

- In-Flight Safety & Raising The Fawn - May 4 at Elixir

- The Stills - May 9 at Elixir

New dates announced shortly for:

Slaves of Spanky, Femme Generation, Creeping Nobodies, Drums & Tuba, Russian Futurists, Jimmy Swift Band, Hylozoists, Danny Michel, and a resheduled date for Hawksley Workman

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