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Have you ever had to fire someone?


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My nerves have got the best of me right now.....

I have to fire someone this afternoon! I'm really glad that she'll be gone, but at the same time it's going to be horrible.

Any advice. (this is the first time I've had to "let someone go"

I keep trying to remember how great of a weekend I had at snoe.down, and let those feelings take over..................

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when i was manager at an ice cream company, i had to fire a guy, for not bathing, and for theft.

tough to diplomatically fire someone for poor hygiene, so it was almost a blessing in disguise when his till was missing money 4 straight days.

even better, the 4th of those days he took exactly the amount missing from his till ($40) and asked me if i could get him a half-quarter.


wonder what that smelly little thief is up to now?

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indeed, stay strong. it's an horrible thing to have to do, at least you're doing it right and cutting the cord on a monday, that way they have a full week to get the next step going.

i've had to fire 2 people in my life, and both of them broke down when i told them. then i broke down, but held my ground. then i went and smoked a lot of hash.

good luck...

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