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NY Strip Loin!


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yup. That's what's going in my tummy tonight. No need for anything fancy here: just a light seasoning, a bit of garlic, a tiny bit of butter and off we go. Servin' it up with some sauteed broccoli rabe and maybe some spuds. Perhaps a garlic loaf.

I don't eat steak too often so this is a real treat!

Just bragging.....

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Bouche saw this on a cooking show- your seasoning is cayenne and salt mixed/dissolved in water. Pour it over the muthafuggin steak while it's cooking and whamo! I'm trying it next time i cook one up fo sho

It was on The Surreal Gourmet, in the Don't Fry For Me, Argentina episode.

His father (who did the cooking) also had a neat way to cook the steak: you put it on the grill, and, as it cooks, you slice off the outer bits when they're done, leaving the inner bits to continue cooking. This way, the whole steak ends up done to the same amount.

here's the follow-up question- wine or beer with you meal [pleasesayboth pleasesayboth pleasesayboth]

My preference would be for a beer (maybe a flavourful light beer, like a Leffe Blonde, maybe) during the cooking and/or salad (assuming there was salad), and then a decently bold red with the steak.



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we have wine and beer so the probability of both is high although wine makes me sleepy and that's not what I need tonight, I'm tired enough already.

I think I'll go sauceless for the steak tonight, although Davey Boy's suggestion sounds good for next time.

I just want to enjoy the unadultered taste of a good steak, almost as is. Like I said, a little garlic and pepper should do it. A small dab of butter is the sauce.

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