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recommend some uncommon albums


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Oh and one more thing' date=' does anyone have or know if there is some live TYA from a space in time era? I have the Live at the Fillmore, but it's a litte bit before this album.[/quote']

Their allmusic discography lists Recorded Live, from 1973, which puts it two years after A Space In Time.



I have seen that album before but when I looked at it I was under the inpression that it was a recording of them playing live in the studio. I could be wrong. Anyone have this one?

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Here's a great live album with smoking guitar from a band that deserved a better fate. Luna morphed out of the influential 80's early 90's indie rock band Galaxie 500 . I'm telling you, I wish these bands were around today. Galaxie 500 were not too far off from The Flaming Lips' vibe and should have reached their heights. Luna was an updated Velvet Underground with longer jams - but likewise had great songwriting.

And I giving a copy of this near lost jam album to Booche on Saturday:


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Daniel Lanois - Belladonna (thanks Polks)

--- pedal steel and lots of layers of guitar feedback, spacey and Brian Eno-ish and really sweet.


DJ/rupture - Minesweeper Suite (2002)

--- I heard about this in an Andrew Whiteman interview. Allgoodmusic writes: "Armed with three turntables, DJ /rupture devours and recontextualizes the work of artists like Foxy Brown, Nina Simone, Shinehead, Aaliyah, Roberta Flack, DAT Politics, Mahmoud Fadi, Donna Summer, Kid 606, and Cex. This relentlessly danceable collection of beats, noise, and dub concrete, DJ /rupture's first full-length statement, isn't just a party mix -- like DJ Spooky, DJ /rupture is spelling out a political thesis. Whether mixing the Middle East-meets-Africa sounds of Nubian artist Mahmoud Fadi, appropriating a Foxy Brown lyric, or reworking Cex, Minesweeper Suite dissolves the boundaries between artistic genres and disrupts the legacy of colonialism by respectfully juxtaposing cultural differences that underlie various source material -- and in doing so, forces listeners to confront their notions of genre, culture, and ethnicity."

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Thanks for the reminder Jaimoe, I've never checked out the Replacements and should really get around it. Put this one on just now and it made me think of this thread. I don't even know if it exists on CD or not, but it FUCKIN' RRRRAAAWWWWKKS.


Ok, i just checked it out and on Amazon.com it's selling for 60+ USD for a used CD, so I assume it's discontinued and a collector's item. Holy shit, a new, sealed copy is going for 200 US! Gotta thank my dad for picking it up on vinyl back in 1970 or whenever and handing it down to me. Easily one of the most raging live albums ever.

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I htink everyone should have this album. I just received as a gift about a month ago and have listened to it at least 20 times so far.

Paul Pena - New Train


It was recorded in '73, released in 2000. Jerry's on two songs. Jet Airliner is on it.. Steve Miller heard the album way back in the day, recorded Jet Airliner with his band. Paul pretty much lived off the royalties his whole life.

Rootsy funk blues type stuff. His voice sounds like Lenny Kravitz on some songs (in a good way though) and Hendrix on others.

exactly what I was going to recommend.


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Duet, 1970


Country Dumplin’

Sadly out of Place

The one who Knows


i. Dearly

ii. Bittersweet

iii. Random Roads (and his Big Band)

iv. Dearly Theme Reprise

Morning Blues

Bad Weather

The Life

The Visit

Seventeen Days

devotchka.jpg UNA VOLTA

"Drowning in oceans of lust, wailing hopeless lovers' oaths and going toe to toe with oblivion itself. DeVotchKa counteracts such reckless conduct by issuing consistently beguiling sonic tapestries that weave together all the colorful threads of Eastern European music, American folk, postmodern jazz, classical and mariachi. Recorded in the sweltering climes of Arizona with production help from waveLab Studio's Craig Schumacher (Giant Sand, Calexico, Friends of Dean Martinez), Volta finds the rootsy and operatic quartet in the midst of warmer musical dynamics as well."

devotchka2.jpg SUPERMELODRAMA

Supermelodrama wasvoted one of the top ten indie releases of 2000 by Westword magazine.

"Something that combines hypnotically stringed gypsy flavored rhytms with bouncy slavic circus music. Neoclassical chamber roots rock that's as joyously energetic as it is cloaked in mystery."

-Jon La Briola, Westword Magazine 2000

"DeVotchKa has released one of the most visionary and exciting albums we've seen in a long time"

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I saw Devotchka play here a while ago (summer 2005?). I thought they were pretty good, though they didn't give me the "gotta get out and get all of their recordings!" buzz or anything. They played with M. Ward and Norfolk & Western, both of whom DID give me that feeling.

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Guest Low Roller

A few off the top of my head:


Ernie Graham, self titled


Fruit Bats- The Ruminant Band


MF Doom and Madlib- Madvillainy

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Duuuuuuuuuude....this did blow my mind, even though I put it on on Sunday afternoon rather than Saturday late night.

Excellent shout

Glad you enjoyed! I probably should have specified that it's a bit of a Saturday late night album, though! I also highly recommend Can's next album, Ege Bamyasi.

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