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[color:red]Hi [color:purple]Everyone!

I'm heading off to Thailand in July! woot woot super pumped!! ;):D But I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on traveling there, where to go, what to expect and so on! Also, I'm going by myself so...does anyone wanna come? :D

Take cares!


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Thailand is my favorite place on earth.

My biggest suggestion is to learn the numbers first. If you don't know your numbers you'll get ripped off (ie, go to a store and they'll tell you a price and if you just stand there looking dumb they'll show you the price on a calculator but it will be higher than the price they just said).

soon - zero

nueng - one

song - 2

sam - 3

see - 4

har - 5

hok - 6

jed - 7

bad - 8

gao - 9

sib - 10

sib-et - 11

sib-song - 12

sib-sam - 13

sib-see - 14


yee-sib - 20

yee-sib-et - 21

yee-sib-song - 22


sam-sib - 30

see-sib - 40


nueng-roi - 100

song-roi - 200

and so forth and so one. Once you have those and you get to know the prices of things it gets really cheap and you can bargain. One guy tried to sell me a hammock for 1800 baht but I ended up buying it off him for 160 baht (tourist area, they start real high). You don't actually have to do this since our money is worth way more but it's kinda fun and saves you money for the important things like alcohol.

On that line, if you go to any of the islands, try out a bucket. You can pick the drink you get in it but a mixed drink is quite costly. The generic bucket is 1 mickey of rye, one can of pop and one can of redbull in a kids beach pail with a straw. You'll see them all over.

also check this out:

other post

It's about south east asia but there's thailand talk in it.

Have fun and do everything you wouldn't normally do here. The key thing to remember is that it's so far away no one here will know what you get up to unless you tell them so it's a free for all.

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My tips - while I wouldn't worry about the numbers, I would learn to haggle.

Don't bring anything with you other then maybe a big empty back-pack, swimsuit and good foot wear. Everything else is there and CHEAP. I ended up mailing everything of mine home first week I was there.

Check out the Lonely Planet message board for lots of good info.

My fav place was Koh Tao, north of Koh Phagnon and Koh Samui on the east side. (Koh means island FYI)

I would avoid the sex shows 100%. I went and had to walk out disgusted minutes later. It was really aweful. I did it because I was drunk and everyone else was - but I would not bother ever ever again. It really is shameful.

Pack condoms and be careful. People in Thailand are whores. (And I don't necessarily mean Thai people, I mean almost everyone within the Thai borders!)

Depending on how long you're going I'd look into other countries as well. I only went for 2 months and stuck to Malaysia and Thailand. If I went back it'd be Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Thats the normal circuit. You wouldn't likely spend as much time in the other three - and they're not as "party" oriented, but from what I've heard they're well worth it.

Malaysia was good too - thought I didn't hit many places and would have to go back to do it justice.

I'm sure I have more to say - try again prior to departure.


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I would have loved to have had the time to get into Cambodia from Thailand when we were there way back when; friends of ours say they bought a huge sack of bud in Phnom Phen for pennies that was being kept in an old oil drum as fodder for horses and cows (lucky ruminants).

Ayuthaya has some beautiful old sites, and is a pretty cozy spot to hang out as well.


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