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Coldplay fans?


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Yeah, I had a feeling that this thread would be met with a little hostility... I mean they are certainly not a "jamband"... and truthfully they are not real representative of what I usually listen to either

Nonetheless, the slow last night was great. Real high energy, and Marten's voice is absolutely incredible! Very talented, and the crowd was more than receptive.

Richard Ashcroft also sounded great. I tell you there is nothing like a talented, melodic vocalist... hard to come by sometimes...

I am glad I went

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I couldn't care less about them being a "jamband" I think their music is just as much of a yawnfest as the Slip!

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatever. you better shut it before i expose you for the fan you are.

coldplay holds as much musical interest for me as pearl jam or u2....well wait, coldplay doesn't inspire spontaneous vomiting like the other 2, i should give credit where it's due.

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Coldplay is pop music. It is what it is. Just because music is popular makes it neither good nor bad, only popular. The argument over weather or not coldplay is good could go on as long as the conversation went over if M.J. was good back in '83. They write about love and girls. Keep it simple, get rich, have babies and quit.

Seems to be the plan.

Seems to be working.

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becoming a Radiohead fan before Coldplay got popular seemed to blow it for me (hated Radiohead until I saw them live as well)... Coldplay sound too much like a carefully plotted cross between Radiohead and U2 for me... besides coming from Radiohead's town and sounding so much like them (which I didn't mind as much with their early stuff, before the U2-ishness came in) thats too suspiciously like a perfect record company formula for fame

can understand why people are into them though... most of the people I've talked to weren't huge Radiohead fans first... they seem like a more sensitive, less disturbed, type of Radiohead... that is less afraid of huge fame

wonder what the Radiohead boys think of them?

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I do agree with the Radiohead similarities...in fact whenever I talk about them I usually refer to them as "Radiohead-lite". Maybe they should just change there name to "Radiofriendly"! I was at the show on Wednesday and I had a great time. They put on a helluva show and its been a long long time since I have been to a big stadium show. Chris really played up the crowd (maybe the fact that this was being filmed for a DVD release helped!!), and other guys in the band played well. Hey they even covered Ring of Fire! Ashcroft was excellent...better than Coldplay? Certainly a better song list, but I would have rather seen him at say Massey Hall. Apparently on Thursday nights show Chris Martin said "Richard Ashcroft opening for us is like the Beatles opening for Michael Bolton", so at least he has a sense of humour, and obviuosly understands his music is just pop!

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