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Adding some NW division flavour to this soup


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thanks blane!

i really think that no fans are confident in their NW team's playoff chances right now ('specially the Canucks and Oilers).... but just like any good episode of Scooby-Doo, the suspense makes it so much more enjoyable.

5 points between 1st and 4th in the NW...doesn't get much tighter than that!

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Mike Cvic running interference and Anson Carter's goal-mouth gaff aside I was pretty impressed with that game. Despite a tonne of Oiler pressure, the Canucks mostly kept their composure ('specially in OT!)and were able to bounce back after a couple of goals that would have normally made them fold.

Keith Carney is a pretty solid D-man, too.

Glad they gave Smitty his SO goal, made the win that much better!

Can't believe they haven't figured out Mr. Ruutu's patented shoot-out Freeze to the Backhand move yet ;-)

This picture is worth at least a coupla words...


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having moved out here from K-town, I must admit it was a selling point for me not to have to stay up 'til 2am to watch a Canucks game... the other selling point was that my wife and son were coming out here with or without me ;)

and then there's that bit about the ralph bucks....



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2 fer 1 in this series is the least I would've wanted from the Canucks this week. Close but not quite...

My highlight for the game:

Sign in the crowd reads "Let's drop some Coilers on the Edmonton Oilers!". I'm bringin' this to my next game at Rexall!

No bitchin', no moanin'....therefore, I ain't a fargin' Oilers fan...

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I'm happy when the boys can win the 7-4 games and the 2-1 games.

I'm unhappy with this regional broadcasting crap... thankfully I don't hafta stomach another Saturday Night Canucks game with Greg Millen droning on about "puck pressure" (his newest and most favourite buzz phrase) and his intimate knowledge of the officials...


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i've got no problems with Kelly Hrudey (I actually repsect him more as a HNIC personality than a goaltender), or a guy like John Davidson, but Millen makes me want to throw sharp little rocks at his eyes...

Maybe Pittsburgh would be a good place for him.... better yet, how 'bout St. Louis?

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