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Tal Farlow & Lenny Breau clip


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And as a bonus, check out Danny "The Humbler" Gatton jam for over six minutes. I count at least three different styles Danny explores. I betcha Kevin Breit loves this guy:


Oh, here's Danny's complete Austin City Limits performance from 1992. R.I.P. Danny:


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used to have an awesome Danny Gatton instructional video... he showed you how to get your right hand happenin so you could play like Roy Buchanan

classic line from the video was when Danny launched into something then suddenly stopped and reached for his guitar tuner, gives the eyebrows to the camera and says "It was in tune when I bought it, folks."

good tip he followed that up with was that, if you don't have a tuner handy and need a pitch that almost anywhere in the world (back in the 80's anyways) phone dial tones are in F... tune your E string to F then drop it a half tone and your set (if you can tune by ear)

thanks for postin those videos... the Tal Farlow/Lenny Greau had my heart in my throat

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just checked it on the piano, F it is

(don't know if I checked before, guess Gatton was a pretty convincing speaker)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Danny Gatton playin some beer bottle slide guitar / towel guitar


Roy Buchanan - When A Guitar Plays The Blues


sorry to do such a thread hijick but just found Hound Dog Taylor on there... had all his albums but never seen video before


beautiful... rockin out his $93.00 no name Japanese guitar

and another


cheers to the guitarists

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less of a thread hi-jack
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