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Ottawa Tulip Fest...


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unlike years past, concerts will only be on weekends for this years' festival. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Evening Concerts:

Friday, May 12

Saturday, May 13

Friday, May 19

Saturday, May 20

Sunday, May 21

Victoria Day Monday Evening, May 22

Afternoon Concerts:

Sunday, May 14

Victoria Day Monday Afternoon, May 22

Full lineup to be announced on March 30.



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Excellent lineup.


There are only 4 bands playing this year that I want to see (The Dears, Wintersleep, Oh Susanna & Les Dales Hawerchuk).

I hope BluesFest makes up for TulipFest's weakness this year. (Bonnie Raitt rumour in the Sun today)


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Who pee'ed in AD's cereal this morning...25 bucks for all that!!! That's gold!!! Excited to see another Golden Dogs set too...

Compared to years past, I don't think this is a good lineup at all. Sure it's $25, and I'll pay it to see the 4 bands I want to see and it's a great deal, but it was the same price last year for a better lineup over 4 more days. And didn't Trooper play last year too? Or was that 2 years ago? Same with Golden Dogs?

Nobody 'pee'ed' in my cereal this morning, just sharing an opinion.

What about The Golden Dogs? The John Henrys?

Meh. Been there, done that, got bored.

Glad you're all excited though. :)


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