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strike's over!


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Just in time for me to have scored full-time work next week! I'm glad at least it doesn't conflict with my hours at Algonquin, but I'll sure be double-hoofing it till next weekend!

I am glad it seems to be working out, though. It would have been a pretty serious insult to the students to have kept them out of classes any longer.

I'm be curious, of course, to see the terms the parties arrived at.

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Thank, MH - It's only a week's worth of teaching (FSL - wish me luck!), sitting in for someone, but it's a foot in the door at the place, which will likely lead to something more full-on, esp. come summer when int'l student attendance hits its peak.

I was at school yesterday afternoon, but couldn't see any pickets anywhere; maybe word had already trickled down (or, being Friday afternoon, they thought to themselves, what the hell are we doing walking around in little circles when we could be down at the pub having a few pints?).

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sad news

March 25, 2006 3:50 pm

Union mourns John Stammers, 62

It is with deep sorrow that the members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union learned of the death today of John Stammers, 62.

John Stammers was a professor of Accounting at Centennial College in Scarborough. He was critically injured after being struck by a car while on picket duty on March 20.

“On behalf of my local, and all college faculty across the province, and all members of the union, I want to extend our condolences and our deepest sympathy to John’s family,†said Eileen Burrows, president of OPSEU Local 558. “All of us at Centennial are devastated by this news.

“John was a wonderful colleague,†Burrows said. “He was very popular with students. He was always patient. He always gave them all his time and attention. And he always took an interest in making the college work better for students.â€

Mr. Stammers was a union supporter and a member of a local union committee, Burrows said.

“The local has been receiving cards and e-mails of support from faculty members and OPSEU locals across the province ever since he was injured,†she said. “John was a colleague who stood up for the same things all college faculty stood up for, and we will miss him.â€

i am glad the strike is over

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Ok, now it's just getting stupider.

Classes May Not Resume Monday as Planned

I mean, would somebody please tell me if I should plan on going to work there tomorrow or not?

Given that it's an Ethics class, I'm sure we could easily shoot the shit for two hours (it's a course that centres on the word "should", after all) - the people that opt to come, or think they should, or whatever....


[Edit to add:]

Oh goody - I finally get a general email at 11:45 pm that lets me know things are in fact back on track, starting Tuesday. I can't wait to find out what percentage of people teaching at the colleges are part-time like me, and, like me, have been scratching their heads trying to learn what the hell's been going on.

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