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TEA LEAF GREEN.... a brief review

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were they worth 15 bucks? god no.

did i manage to have a decent time? a little...cuz i was drunk.

is there more hype than substance? FOR SURE.

over the course of the night...all of there jams turned into the same monotonous tone for me...it all went the same place...NOWHERE.

i guess some of the songs are catchy...but thats about it...they are tight, they can jam and they can sing...but to me, it all seemed a little fake...very little inspiration

my only real highlight was beating jaydawg in an arm wrestle.


HIPPY ONE: "hey, what happened to your long hair brah"

HIPPY TWO: "oh, i composted it"

edit to add: bouche, please change my name...i promise to be a good boy.

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I don't disagree. The dancing was fun, they were definatley groovy. There's a lot of potential there with that band, but like you said, somewhat uninspired at times. They looked a little sleepy, but hey, it's the end of a tour for them.

They really tried hard and I get the feeling they really believe in their music, which is good. I just think they need to go nappy time. Will see them again for sure, they'll be interesting to see grow.

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one more thing, i thought the lighting was kick ass.

even though I thought they looked sleepy, I didn't say they sounded sleepy, which is what really mattered, after all I didn't stop dancing until about six a.m., then when I woke up a few hours later, and made a nice "TEA", started dancing again.

Fuck, where did everybody go. :crazy:

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Also the guitar player was impressive, vocals not so much so.

He was definately an excellent guitar player, FAR FAR better than say...me. That being said he was VERY slick, though I found many of the solos to be rather generic and nothing more than the standard blues licks (albeit played fairly well). Not that there'e anything wrong with that, it just means there's still room to grow in my eyes and ears.

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I thought the show was great. Definitely looking forward to seeing Tea Leaf Green again.

I really like the keyboardist's vocals. I thought they jammed good.

The sound was excellent... but only in one particular pocket of the room. Any further to the back from tehre and it sucked. Need more speakers!

I enjoyed High Plains Drifter and thought they did a great job of loosening up the crowd.

Nice to run into some friends I hadn't seen in quite a while.

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I was undercover at this event with Rick. We liked the TLG set and thought it was all pro. Only criticism is that is was quite predictable with few surprises. But certainly well executed. Now if they'd just learn some Jimmy Buffett, we'd be rockin' smooth.

Magnum out.

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The problem with Dimafleck is that he always finds something remotely wrong with the show and then he over exxagerates it 10x over. This guy knows nothing.

He just doesn't realize what Tea Leaf Green is trying to get across so he whines about it. Dima, you'se a sucka

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