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Homeless in Moncton and Antigonish


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Hey folks,

The big problem for my poor/starving travelling trio is that we're seeking out accomodations in Antigonish and Moncton for a couple of nights while we're on tour. If you trust that we won't steal your toothpaste (one of the guys in Grand Theft Bus once stole my toothpaste when they stayed with me in Toronto... pesky) then we would be terribly thankful for some floor space or a quiet closet, garage, king-sized vibrating bed, Laz-E-Boy, bath tub, trampoline or play pen to sleep in while we're in town. Paul and Liam are in Mr. Something Something. They're nice and cute and talented and they smell ok (sometimes). I smell nice almost always and I don't snore. Just us three and we're wee. Come to the show for free and we'll buy you some beers and make you pancakes in the morning. Maybe even snuggle you and sing you to sleep.

The dates are:

Moncton - Tuesday, April 4th (St. James Gate)

Antigonish - Thursday, April 6th (Orient Lounge)

Thanks for helping us out.

We love you,

Neens, Paul and Liam



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