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Lazlo Hollyfeld jambands.com Review


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Nice review of Lazlo Hollyfeld's latest EP

The Pacer EP - Lazlo Hollyfeld

Plucking their name from Real Genius's glorious weirdo of the dormitory steam tunnel, upstate New York's Lazlo Hollyfeld carve a fine niche for themselves in the post-Tortoise sector of the jamband world. With no credited band members cramming five lush tunes onto their well-paced Pacer EP, the Hollyfelds' keyboard attack is lush and meticulous, like Sound Tribe Sector 9 without the crystals. If there's a guitarist, he assimilates so cleanly into the blend that he frequently just sounds like another chiming keyboard. Where the opening "Everything You Know is Gone" chimes like virtual clockwork, "Six Months Later" grinds with the frictions of human energies, perhaps the only tune on the disc to sound like a live band. With lo-fi geometrics adorning the cover, and the idea of brevity close at hand, Lazlo Hollyfeld could cross that rare bridge between hippie and hipster.

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