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THE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS Whistler April 1 & 3


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[color:brown]FRIDAY MARCH 31st (Early Show)

[color:red]THE PLAZA

881 Granville St.

Vancouver B.C.


[color:red]THE BOOT

7124 Nancy Greene Dr.

Whistler B.C.

[color:blue]TBG are a rare breed. They’re one of the few bands that have had the opportunity to play alongside a lot of artists and people, they love. The band have also had an organic growth and have been able to develop a sound of their own.

Early influences were varied. For McHugh, music is something that goes all the way back to his childhood; to the days before he lost his father at a tragically young age. “When I was a little kid, instead of watching T.V, my dad would put headphones on me and make me listen to his records and pick what instrument was doing what,†McHugh remembers fondly. “There were old jazz records, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and some Tijuana Brass – which he loved. Maybe it was just because I got to hang with my dad, but it meant the world to me. When he died I was determined to carry on with music, and one day have my own records out for someone else’s kids to listen to.â€

“Ben Harper was a big influence early on, because he was one of the first guys recently to break through and not just be a rock act,†says McHugh. “Any music that has the emotional bases covered. I like that. There’s so much in music.â€

[color:green]so … how did you come up with the name?

“Where we grew up, anybody that played in a band played heavy music – either punk or hardcore or metal or whatever,†explains frontman Mat McHugh. “I wanted to pick a name that was the exact opposite of all that macho posturing and the associated tough-guy band names. And a beautiful girl was just about the sweetest, most appropriate opposite I could think ofâ€.

[color:green]the time between releases … Learn Yourself to We’re Already Gone

At the moment there’s a lot of Aussie bands giving the frequent flyer miles a nudge in an attempt to get their music heard outside of Australia. T.B.G. are among the frontrunners. The group – McHugh, bassist Clay McDonald, drummer Mitch Connelly and the Brazilian harmonica player Felipe – have just completed their second album proper, We’re Already Gone.

In the eighteen months between the release of Learn Yourself and the recording of We’re Already Gone the band toured. Australia, Japan (twice) and the U.S. They toured the U.S. four times. They began by organizing a ‘flip’ tour with Mason Jennings. Immediately after that the band toured by themselves. In ’05 they went on the road with Hawaiian/Cali band Pepper. And then with Slightly Stoopid and Fishbone. It’s not the first time that McHugh has spent time in the U.S.


Available at all ticketmaster outlets, Highlife & Zulu Records and The Boot 604-938-3338 x 0.


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