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The Abyss

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yes! i just burnt this one last night to disc.

i remember the first time i watched it, i was friggin' BAWLING my eyes out when he went down into the abyss, thinking oh god, this is his life, he just gave his life for scientific discovery! And then when 'it' surfaces I was soo happy.. i mean, i can't even explain how happy was.

great, great movie, imo.

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I love the moving water. At the time it was really an amazing effect. The liquid air was really neat though. My buddies and I always wondered if they could have that for real. I haven't seen this movie in years and years but I've heard folks comment on it several times in the past week which I think is a sign that I must acquire and watch it once more. Thanks for the reminder.

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Holy crap is right dude...this is a great Sci-Fi flick and one for the DVD library.

If you have the chance watch this with headphones as the sound design for this flic is fantastic.

...though the ending is kinda corny... :P at least he doesn't scream that he's "King of the Sea"...

I'd like to resee this!

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I very fasinated by the concept of liquid air in high school and our sci. teacher showed us these studies that had been done where a lab rat breathed a type of liquid air for approx. 30 minutes. I don't think human studies were done at that time (go figure).

I think the lab rats died after about 30 minutes though.....but for awhile it worked.

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I've read of "liquid air" in a couple of science fiction stories: people subjected to really heavy G forces (like astronauts undergoing seriously high acceleration) use the stuff because, if they didn't, their chests would collapse. The liquid, being denser and less compressable than air, prevents this.



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