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Hey guys! I'm going to be saying my farewells to the house on Concord and movin' on up to a condo (yes, I said condo) at Front and Spadina this Saturday. The only time slot that was available to book the elevator was an insanely early one and, because of this, am having trouble finding people to help out. If any of you are in the mood for some early morning exercise (7:00 - 10:00 am) there'd be beer and pizza in it for ya! (Mmmmm... beer and pizza for breakfast...)

If you think you can make it drop me a line here or at panda_etoile@hotmail.com.

Thanks guys!


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It's on Saturday morning (April 1st - but it's no April Fool's joke) from 7:00 - 10:00 am. We've only got a cargo van so we're going to load it up the night before to have it ready to go and then may have to make one or two more trips. It would be great to see you again buddy!

Thanks everyone else for your well wishes. For a small town girl who's never been fond of building living, it'll be a trip alright. I think the bells and whistles the place comes with will be worth it though!

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