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Crowes fans, step inside


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If you head over to An Aquarium Drunkard, there are two excellent Crowes-related downloads available there. The first is Foamfoot:

If you're a serious Black Crowes fan you probably already own this.

The first thing you should know about Foamfoot is that it is a cover band, a damn fine cover band at that, playing mostly Southeren Rock and '70s staples. Formed and fronted by Chris Robinson in Los Angeles in the mid-1990's, Foamfoot did a one-off show at the Troubadour here in L.A. Read what Frayed.org has to say: "On November of 1994 at the Troubadour in Hollywood, several members of the Black Crowes joined up with a handful of other artists for Foamfoot. Chris Robinson and Marc Ford of the Black Crowes played with Jimmy Ashurst (The JuJu Hounds), Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill), Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) and Andy Sturmer (Jellyfish). The show was an impromtu gig, however, it was recorded for possible release by the band. " I would have paid big money to have been at this show...just look at the set-list below.

Well, there was never an official release, but a bootleg copy of the show began circulating several years afterwards. A friend passed along his copy to me several years ago, and so I pass it on to you. Note: David Crosby makes a cameo on "Long Time Gone."

The second download is their never-released album. I've had this for years but thought I'd give you all a heads up on this.

The Crowes lost album The Band (aka Meet The Band) recorded in Atlanta in 1997, was to be the follow-up to Three Snakes & One Charm. Mixed and sequenced, it was shelved and the Crowes released By Your Side in it's stead. One listen and it is evident The Band is twice the Crowes experience By Your Side is. Crowes fans take note: I consider this album practically in the same realm of quality as Southern Harmony and Amorica. Not quite there, but close. No idea why these tracks were never made available for commercial release. These recordings have been circulating around the Internet since 2002 -- you can also download the lossless format band sessions here: eTree : : The Band Rehearsals

Goooooooood downloads to have. DO IT before they expire!!!


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These are definite "must haves"

The title escapes me at the moment but I remember Receiving "the Band Rehearsals" in a trade along with another cd of unreleased tunes. I will dig it out when I get home and post it here as well for anyone who is interested.

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Not sure if this was mentioned yet..

Live Black Crowes DVD I believe is out now

Freak N Roll into the Fog

1 (Only) Halfway to Everywhere

2 Sting Me

3 No Speak No Slave

4 Soul Singing

5 Welcome to the Goodtimes

6 Jealous Again

7 Space Captain

8 My Morning Song

9 Sunday Night Buttermilk Waltz

10 Cursed Diamond

11 She Talks to Angels

12 Wiser Time

13 Non Fiction

14 Seeing Things

15 Hard to Handle

16 Let Me Share the Ride

17 Mellow Down Easy

18 Remedy

19 The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down

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I'm getting really excited for this. I was not a BC fan when they were uber popular. However, since I've seen Chris Robinson's New Earth Mud open for Gov't Mule, and seeing him with Phil and Friends (on Dvd or heard on CD), I've been relistening to the Crowes with new ears.

damn, I love what they do.

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