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Question For Cyclists


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I do.. I started a few years back.

It takes a while to get used to but once you do you'll probably prefer it.

The biggest advantage is that the soles of a decent cycling shoe is like rock hard, so you don't lose any downward force on the pedal by having your show just sorta flop over the pedal. Did that make any sense?

The other advantage is that since you are connected to the pedal you can pull your one leg up while the other is pushing down and sorta balance out your effort. I dunno.. something like that.

The biggest thing to get used to is that you are physically connected to the pedal. If you lose your balance or whatever you can't just take your foot off the pedal, you gotta do that twist to unclick from the clip and that takes a while to get into your memory so you aren't thinking about it.

For my street/commuting bike I bought pedals that have clips but are big enough that you can also pedal with just regular shoes, which is good if I'm just running over somewhere, don't need to "suit up" if you know what I mean.

Hope that helps.

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