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WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!--edit:lost the house


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well! let me set everything up here, Me and Melissa-onthejourney- are getting hitched in sept. so weve been looking for a house to get before the wedding, so we have time to get everything that needs done, done before the weeding. so, couple weeks ago, i got fired, big boourns only in the fact that i lost the income thats affording me to buy a house. fast forward to a week ago, we went to see this house, reallly nice place, its listed on MLS here

mls# is H234853 if that link dont work and you wanna see. so, we went, saw it, fell in loove with it, put in an offer, got into competition with another buyer, and lost. we were sad.

last night, our realtor called us, saying that the buyer that out-bid us passed on the house, turns out they are NOT handy at all, well, they call me tooly cuz im good with tools. i can fix alot of stuff, i built a house for my father, residential work i love. anyways, so they passed, so we put in another offer, and got the call last night!!! we got the damn house!!!!!!!


its perfect, about 5 blocks from sanislos, 5 mins from everything important, and last night i got a new job too!!!! about an hour after we signed the papers for the house, let me tell you, laying out an offer on a house when you dont have a job is nerve-racking. anyways, we got a house, now we celebrate.

just wanted to share the joy


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im super happy too, thanks guys for the wellwishes.

my feet have dusted the floor about 3 times since we found out last night. mind you when we found out that we had the house but i had no job, i smoked 3 joints in a row and was downing beers like no tomorrow from the stress of mortgages and no job, now everythings better with the new job on monday, and the doob intake has stayed about the same

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Tooly and Mellers that is awsome news! We are soooo HAPPY for you guys. We had our fingers crossed! The house is so nice. Perfect for you guys! We can't wait to come visit you for a change!! Just let us know your moving date and you have two sets of hands ready and willing.

Congrats on the job Tooly! I really hope you like it better then your last..

Erich and Sarah

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wow...what a great read...you really posted your roller-coaster emotions there quite well....I enjoyed the thrill! So glad y'all ended safely!

a HUGE congrats. It's absolutley amazing to land a house you love (speaking from experience) and also pretty scary as shit to dupe the banks into offering a mortgage when you don't have fulltime work (also speaking from experience!!!)

it's wonderful that you're looking forward to tooling around. Nothing like the pleasure of fixing up your OWN place.

again, congrats!!!!

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thanks to all the wellwishers again, we are fucking PUMPED! we close it may 1st, so this month coming is gonna be a lonnnnnnngggggg month.

i have a feeling this new jobs gonna kick ass for 2 reasons, 1) my boss is a fucking chronic, i wont be able to keep up with him, and 2) i get to work outside, with my hands, not in an office under the floro's in front of a puter. i mean the net-surfing is nice and all, but i want more $ and i want fresh air and i want to be more in shape again. man i got soft during that year in the office.


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